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Meet Hector Rios - Professional Tour Guide & Kayaking Instructor:

Hector Rios has been successfully guiding and instructing novice to experience kayakers for over twenty-five years.  Equipped with a wealth of ability and skill, Hector gladly shares his knowledge and experience with people of all ages.  Tours cater to individuals from all walks of life and all skill levels.  Kayaking is a great team-building experience for corporate groups. Hector loves working with children and welcomes those kids with disabilities.  (Learn more about Coastal Bend Kayak Youth Camps below.)  A pleasant demeanor, good sense of humor and genuine care of his clientele ensures that all will have a safe, educational and fun day on the water!  Your professional guide is familiar with most of the resident birds as well as the many migratory birds that call the Coastal Bend home each winter.  Tours by boat to see the endangered Whooping Cranes are offered from mid-November thru early-April.  If fast fishing action is what you're seeking, your guides will take you those shallow flats and reefs - fishing hotspots - where the trophy-size Redfish, Speckled Trout and seasonal Flounder.   You'll be fishing where no boat has gone before and the peace and solitude offers a healthy break from sometimes hectic lifestyles. 

Certified by the American Canoe Association.  Hector Rios is Texas Parks & Wildlife Licensed.


Details About Our Kayak Tours & Classes:

Coastal Bend Kayak takes the time to give proper instruction before anyone hits the water. Kayakers will be given an introduction as to what to expect and what to do should an emergency or possibly inclement weather or other situation comes into play. A thorough instruction of all safety precautions is presented  as well as an "equipment check."  This is followed by an "on the water" demonstration by one of our licensed and certified guides. And there's plenty more to learn once "you" are on the water.  Swimming isn't essential, but it could come in mighty handy if a sudden squall blows through or if your kayak is damaged.  As in any outdoor activity - be smart, careful and always be prepared for the unexpected. 





Consider Lessons or a Refresher Course:
As with any water activity, there are risks involved in kayaking. Swimming ability is not mandatory, but nice to know.  All kayakers are supplied with a kayak, PDF and paddle.  Coastal Bend Kayak uses only sit-on-top kayaks so the incidence of roll-over is greatly minimized.  Training, preparation, good judgment and having the right equipment are the best weapons against a difficult situation on the water. If you're new to paddling--or you've been away for awhile-- then you should probably sign-up for a beginner or refresher course with a Coastal Bend Kayak qualified instructor.  Basic paddling instruction & equipment rental is included at the start of each trip.



General Information for Group Tours:
We accommodate singles, couples, families, or groups on our trips. You’ll meet interesting people like yourself from all over the globe, who share a spirit of adventure, a love of nature, and a sense of humor. Expect to make some great new friends!  If you're a more experienced paddler who's looking to go out on your own, you still might want to take a refresher course from one of our licensed, certified instructors.  Coastal Bend Kayak offers guided kayak tours for every level of skill. All tours promote safety, fun, and provide a fantastic learning forum for the young and old alike. All trips are based upon the natural, ecological systems that exist in the Aransas Bay complex waterways. Our staff are hands-on instructors whose patience never seems to end. Equipped with a good sense of humor and thorough knowledge, it's no wonder that folks keep coming back for his tours again and again. It's important that children recognize and understand the importance of the eco-system and Coastal Bend Kayak encourages parents to come along as well! You'll receive expert instruction for a safe and fun kayaking adventure! 



Age and Swimming Experience:
You are never to young or old to learn how to kayak, however....we recommend age 12 for kids, and as for the other end of the equation...if you're old enough to wonder if you can still do it...give us a call. You might be surprised.  It is preferred that a person know how to swim, but certainly not essential.  PFDs (personal floatation devices or life vests) are provided and they will protect you. It is highly recommended  that you wear closed-toe shoes for your tour.  Oyster beds and shell reefs hurt feet; water shoes are OK too.




Kayaks and Equipment: Closed-Toe Shoes Are Recommended
We like to stay current with the top equipment in the business. Coastal Bend Kayaks features Ocean Kayaks®, Heritage Kayaks® and Bic Sport Kayaks®, three of the most popular names in today's kayak market.  Choose from a mixture of single and double kayaks, with ample room for trip supplies. We go 2 per tent for multi-day trips;  singles will be accommodated where possible. You'll be given a check list of items to bring when you book your trip and reserve.









Experience Level and Special Skills:

Beginner Level - If you have never tried kayaking before AND you are not likely to be confident on the water, OR you just don't think you'll be able to paddle far at all, then request a slower, more relaxed tour.  We will teach you the basics then take it very easy on a short tour in a protected part of the bay or inlet so that you'll have a good idea of how kayaking could be used to get you to some great places. Next time you will be ready for a longer, more rewarding kayaking tour.  If you are already skilled, we will customize your trip to suit your interests. 

Intermediate Level - If you are not timid around water and of average fitness, you'll find the tour more interesting and exciting.  Generally, tours last from 4 to 5 hours with  approx. 2 - 3 hours of paddling.  There are two breaks - one in the morning and one in early afternoon to stretch and have a snack or cold drink...or just lay back and enjoy the incredible beauty and pristine water surrounding you... so peaceful!



Weather & Seasonal Info:
The regions we kayak through generally have moderate weather in spring, summer, and early fall, but we can experience extreme heat, rain, or wind and sometimes all  in one day.  Dress accordingly and be prepared. The only predictable aspect of Coastal Bend weather is that it is rarely predictable, be it a sunny, hot day that suddenly gives way to a thunderstorm or a 60 degree day at the beginning of what is usually the hot season.
Average Freeze Dates in Spring and Fall - (Rare Occurrence)
First in Fall..................Mid-December
Last in Spring............First of February
Note: Winter month trips schedules vary. Call us for off-season tour dates and details!



Safety & Guest Responsibility:
Although no previous kayaking experience is required on our tours, as with any adventure there is always an element of risk. While our trips are not considered to be strenuous or physically demanding, and we do not require a high level of fitness, good general physical condition is necessary. If you have any physical limitations or concerns please let us know. As we are not qualified to evaluate your level of fitness we ask that you (and possibly along with your doctor) determine whether or not you are able to join one of our adventures. We just ask that you welcome your adventure with an open mind and be able to laugh and have fun when encountering the unexpected.  Coastal Bend Kayak Tours is dedicated to providing safe, environmentally sensitive, well organized, fun-filled adventures.

Coastal Bend Kayak is CPR and First Aid Certified. 



Check Out Our Fun Things to Do Page in the Texas Coastal Bend:

Coastal Bend Kayak Tours is located in the heart of the Texas Coastal Bend area along the Gulf of Mexico and includes the communities of Aransas Pass, Port Aransas, Rockport-Fulton, Ingleside, Gregory/Portland and the Corpus Christi Metroplex. We are just 20 minutes from downtown Corpus Christi, 3 hours from San Antonio, 4 hours from Austin and 3 hours from Houston. HEB Grocery and Wal-Mart are conveniently located and perfect  for picking up those last minute items like sunscreen, snacks and your favorite cold drinks. There is an ATM located inside the store as well as gas. 






Selecting the Right Tour Guide:

It's important to find a kayak guide who will take the time to tailor the tour and equipment to the client's skill level. And paying more doesn't necessarily guarantee a better experience. If possible, talk to other paddlers who've been on the tour you're considering. And don't be shy about calling the guide personally with questions.  What will I need to bring? Get a detailed list of everything you'll need for this particular tour. If this will be a multi-day trip, what food services will be provided? Who will do the cooking, and what kinds of food will be served?  A good tour guide will want to know as much about you as possible, especially helpful when matching you with group paddlers of the same skill level.

A Licensed Guide is Trained to Handle Any Situation.


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