Do I need to know how to kayak beforehand?

No. Coastal Bend Kayak has a wealth of knowledge and experience for all skill levels. Many of our customers are first time kayakers.

Should I be in great shape to join one of the trips?

No. You must be capable of a few hours of moderate physical activity. Please call to discuss your physical well being on one of our tours.

Are there age requirements?

Coastal Bend Kayak invites the whole family to join our adventures. Age requirements are left to the discretion of our customers.

How much paddling is generally done in a day?

It averages between 2-4 hours per tour. Wind and water conditions may delay paddling time.

How stable are the kayaks? What if I flip-over?

The kayaks used on tours are stable, but may vary from customer to customer. The chance of a capsize is minimal but Coastal Bend Kayak Guides are highly skilled with rescue procedures.

What if the weather turns bad?

Our weather in the Coastal Bend and South Texas in generally is usually pleasant from May to the end of September, but temperatures will rise during the day and can become down-right “hot”. It is not uncommon in mid-summer for sudden thunderstorms to pop-up, so the general rule is to be prepared for any type of weather and you will stay warm and comfortable. Quick-dry clothing materials are best suited for the water.

Is it appropriate to tip the guides?

Tipping your guide is not expected but very much appreciated. If you feel your guide has done an exceptional job, tipping is an appropriate way to show your appreciation. Thank you!


Bring appropriate clothing materials for pending conditions!

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